Monday, December 7, 2009

Blending Christmas Cards

One of my clients from last year made this special request and it was so fun to do!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wedding Invitation

I had a lot of fun putting this last minute invitation together for a previous clients sister! I didn't take the pictures, but had fun editing them. The bride to be had the great idea of doing the main picture in black and white, with the couple in color! That is a lot of fun to do!

Custom Photo Card: $15.00
Advanced Photo Editing: $10.00

Friday, June 19, 2009

Baptism Announcement

I had the honor of photographing my niece AND making an invitation for her Baptism! We had a lot of fun taking pictures at the Temple with all the pretty tulips!

Simple, Clean, and Beautiful!

Do you like it WITH or WITHOUT the ribbon?

Photo Card: $15.00
Basic Photo Editing $5.00

Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Boy Announcement - Brown and Blue

OK, I really like stripes and it looks like I tend to use them a bit too much! But who can resist this color combo!?

Photo Card: $15.00

Photo Editing

I love editing pictures in PSE! This is my newest little nephew... Here is a birth announcement I put together. I love the black and white photos and the clean straight lines.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Snowflakes and Dots!

Here is a card I did for another one of my contest winners! Aren't the kids just the cutest?!?!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Few Things I've Been Working On

Here is some of the fun I've had earlier this week!

When we took our family pictures (see previous post), we went with two other families. This is a shot I got of this fun little family. I love this picture! Such a beautiful family, and some of the kids weren't too excited to be there. When we said, "show us how you're really feeling!", this is what we got! Isn't it a hoot? Too add to the irony of the photo, I just had to add "Peace On Earth".. Too funny!
This is a picture of my sisters family I took last September. I decided to play around a make a card to show the cute family! I had fun making another variation of the card, that also shows the funny "blooper" shots I got of each kid. I think it adds a little more personality to the card.Aren't they cute!

And one last variation of the above card. I put myself in charge of the advertising for our Enrichment Night (a group of women in my church getting together once a quarter - I get to be in charge!). Walgreens is having a good sale this week, so I wanted to get it completed and developed before I missed the sale! Since we're somewhat displaced this week and I only have late evenings to work on my own computer, I had to be quick and didn't have time to make something from scratch. So, here is what I came up with:I wanted to show you how easy it is for me to customize the cards and change them to fit your individual style and taste. Have I mentioned that I can create one from scratch as well? You can have any card, any variation of a card you see, or anything from scratch for only $15.00! You can then print as many as you would like - either on your own personal computer, or take them somewhere and have them developed.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Check Out Them Stripes!

Well, I figured it's time to make a card of my own family - yep, that is my clan... all eight of us- (and I'm lovin nearly every minute of it!!).

Anyone who really knows me, knows I LOVE stripes! So I had to throw them in this card of mine. I made this one a 4x8 card. I've found a few sites that will let me upload my own 4x8 design, rather than use one of their templates. This can easily be changed to a 4x6 or 5x7 card. It's yours for $15 - modified with any text, font and/or color palette you like!

Customized Brown and Green Christmas Card

Cassie was so fun to work with. She had many beautiful pictures for me! She wanted a variation of this card, so here is what I came up with!For only $15, you can have this card, or your own customized version of it as well! Click on the "buy now" over on the right, or you can purchase it from my Etsy Shop!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Totally Square

This one is designed as a 5x5 Greeting Card. $15.00

And if you're not wanting to spend the extra postage, I have formatted it into a 8x4 card!

I loved creating this one!

Peace Photo Card

This was a fun one to make. I pulled the browns and green from the leaves in the photo.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New "Non-Traditional" Christmas Card!

After a few crazy busy weeks, I was able to get Amber's Christmas Photo Card completed! I am so excited that they are loving this card! I pulled the pink from their cute little daughters skirt, and the green is a variation pulled from their other daughters (a cutie as well, don't you think?) dress. The font color was pulled from Amber's dress. This was so much fun to do... it's always fun when you have gorgeous photos to work with! Thank you Amber for letting me put this together! We can insert your family's photo in here, change the text, and adapt the colors for a mere $15.00! You can then go and have them "developed" as a 4x6 or 5x6 photo card!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Thank you everyone for your comments and linking to my blog! So very kind of you! This has been a lot of fun! I wish I had time to make one for each and every one of you!

So I had a total of 41 entries, and here are the winners!!


#9 - SarahAnne!!
#12 - Jim and Marji!
#23 - SarahAnne - well, she can't win twice, so I'll grab another number...

#26 is...



Please email me your picture, text, and any special requests (color, font, size, photo color...)

My email is: simplyhappydesigns at gmail dot com.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

High School Musical 3 Movie Party Invitation!

So my daughter Haley (who is NINE!) is a massive High School Musical fan! For MONTHS she's been planning on having a party with her friends to go and see the movie together. Of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to make a funky invite for her to give to her 12 friends! She took some pictures this summer of her with all of her HSM stuff, so I put this on the invite to personalize it. You can personalize it with a picture of your daughter (I say daughter, because really - is there a 10 year old boy that is dying to go see this movie?), or I can enlarge the text to fill the entire invite. What a fun idea!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Now Open For Business... {Contest Ended}

To help me celebrate my new shop opening, and to help get some fresh faces on my photo cards (I realize you can only handle pictures of my own kids for so long), I am giving away three brand spankin new, fresh from my noggin, fully customized photo cards! This is kind of a you help me, I'll help you thing going on here.

I'm giving you 3 Chances to win!
  1. Leave a comment here telling me your favorite thing about Christmas.
  2. Leave a comment letting me know which of my creations you like the most (I realize I don't have many posted yet - thus the reason for the contest) (oh, and don't worry - I will be making something completely new for you!)
  3. Post on your blog about my giveaway and link back to my Simply Happy Designs Blog and share the love! Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your post so I know you did it!
The contest will end at 9:00 pm MST on Sunday October 12th. At that point I will draw the names of three lucky winners!

The winners will email me a past photo of your family or kids (unless you already have one ready for this year - gee you're on the ball!). I will use this photo to create your custom Christmas Photo Card. You will let me post this card (using the family picture you provide) on my blog and Etsy shop. Later on, when you have a current photo that you want for THIS YEARS Christmas Card, you can email it to me and I'll swap out the old photo for the new.

So who's up for it?